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I Have My 501(c)3! Now What?

Yay! You established your nonprofit corporation and obtained your 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. You soaked it in and now it just got real. Your vision is here. But wait! Panic sets in as you realize- what do I do now? Where do I go from here? How do I make this happen- not on paper but in reality? It’s overwhelming. Where do I start?

 Well, you start here! I’ve broken the steps down between Nonprofit Management and Fundraising/Marketing. The guide lets you know when you can work on steps simultaneously and when one step needs to be completed first. This process takes time but by using Board Committees, the process can be made more efficient. Be patient. These nine steps will set you up for grants in the near future and have your nonprofit on its way to success now!

This free download walks you through the 9 Steps to take for a successful nonprofit. 

  • Setting up your Board

  • Creating a Strategic Plan

  • Creating a Tactical Plan and Budget

  • Creating a Program
  • Setting up your Organizational Systems

  • Defining your Ideal Donor

  • Creating Fundraising/Marketing Systems

  • Creating your Website and Social Media

  • Starting with Fundraising Basics

“You can’t imagine how you have helped a class nonprofit in Uganda. My words can’t express how important the work you did for us. Thanks.”

-Eddie B., after working the steps in the 9 Step Action Guide

“I had everything everywhere until I read your 9 steps. So now I am organizing everything from the start. Glad I met you! It was going to be a disaster.”

- Henriette K.