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Social Media Needs to be a Strategic Business Decision You Make.


One of the common mistakes that nonprofits make with the use of social media is that they jump on a platform because they think that they have to and begin posting things haphazardly. They are quickly discouraged, or they get overwhelmed when they don’t have any strategy. To be successful with social media, your nonprofit needs to make a plan that is organized and well-thought-through so that you are able to achieve your goals for this medium. An overall social media strategy is usually needed.

This free download walks you through the 3 areas you need to think about to get very clear on what business goals your social media supports.

  • Purpose and Goals
  • Messaging
  • Content

Hi! I’m Alesha.

The Build a New Nonprofit Framework and the Founder’s Guide came from my experience working on a first-year nonprofit’s Board.  At the time, I had worked in nonprofits for eight years in Administration, Fundraising, and Programs. I knew what it took to run a nonprofit and get funding.

I knew a good foundation in management and fundraising would pay dividends. My opinion was ignored because the majority wanted to do the shiny things instead of rolling up their sleeves and setting the organization up for success. They spent months on the events hamster wheel.

…But without the foundations and systems in place, without a program for donors and funders to donate to- there was not a lot that could be done to raise money.

They would still have to put together a Strategic Plan to get going. They had wasted a lot of time!

After one year, the organization had barely determined who they were, what they wanted to do, or how they were going to do it.

Even sadder, the nonprofit folded six months after I left. They had not built their infrastructure that led to funding and the Founder was still the funder.

I didn’t want it to happen to another Founder or organization so I set out to answer one question: What infrastructure absolutely needs to be implemented in the first year to get funding from individual donors, companies, and eventually grant funders? 

I then took it a step further after talking to hundreds of Founders. They were overwhelmed by all their to-dos. So, I began helping them prioritize their to-dos and focus on the things that will get them serving people in the fastest way possible.

And A Founder’s Guide to Building a Nonprofit Without Being the Sole Funder was born.

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